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Tow Truck Insurance

 As we have been working with the Towing Insurance industry for the past 20 years, we understand there are many moving parts to your business.  Not every agent is a specialist but we have targeted Towing Operations to be as knowledgeable as possible.  We have learned the insurance coverage needs that make up the small to large Towing operations and have several insurance companies to meet those needs. 

Package Policy

Our companies are set up to offer you a policy to cover your business under one policy.  This will include Auto Liability/Damage, General Liability, Garagekeepers, On-hook/Cargo & Property coverages. 

State & Federal requirements

We understand the needs for Towing Operations required by the State & Federal agencies.  We provide all forms and evidence needed to keep your contracts and authority active. Examples are BMC91, MCS90, Form E, Form H.

Combined Operations

Towing isn’t the only operation you may have in your business.  Our carriers can consider combining similar operations so you don’t have to split your coverage which will help reduce your annual cost and confusion with coverage. Examples are Transportation, Auto Repair, Auto Dealers

Workers Compensation

 We have access to several companies that offer protection for your employees.  As your business grows, this coverage becomes more important to consider and having options to choose from will become just as important.

Certificates of insurance

This is a very basic part of our business but can be a significant part of a business.  We strive for certificates to be sent within 30 min of a request.  This helps to ensure your business doesn’t slow down.

Personalized Service

Just as no 2 people are exactly the same, our agency reviews each account based on your unique business setup.  Our approach is to understand what unique needs you have and find the best company to help reduce your cost with the best coverage.

What Our Clients Say

TH Transport & Towing LLC

I love the personal, friendly, courteous and professional service that Chase and his staff provide. It's nice in this day and time to work with people who value my business and who are always available to provide assistance whenever I need it!!

Aldridge Insurance is #1 for TH Transport & Towing LLC

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