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Personal Insurance

Not all insurance agents are the same and your choice can make a big difference – in price, service, and value.
Instead of an agency that sells one brand of insurance our independent insurance agency offers you choices from a variety of proven insurance companies. Why? Because independent insurance agencies, like Providence Insurance, represent many different insurance companies which allows us to compare coverage and prices to obtain your best possible value according to your individual circumstances. As independent insurance agents, we represent you, the customer, and not the company.  This allows us to offer honest feedback that is focused on your business so you benefit from our industry experience.

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  • Can I package my coverage with one company?
    There are several companies that will allow you package many of your business coverages, and we will shop your coverage to give you as many options as would be available. Some parts like Workers Comp and Umbrellas will be on a separate policy.
  • How much coverage do I need?
    Each business needs to cover their assets in the event of a severe claim. We can help assess that for you while not making you insurance poor with too much coverage.
  • Do all insurance companies use the same information to offer quotes?
    No, each company has unique information they use to build a quote. That is the reason we often ask many questions so we catch all of those factors.
  • Why do other businesses seem to have much different pricing than my business?
    There are many factors that could affect the price: Driver Violations, Years in Business, Claims, DOT Scores, Credit, Business Class, Coverage Limits, etc.
  • When do my rates go down?
    Usually we see price breaks after 2 years in business. However, we will shop your coverage each year to confirm if the rates are dropping with our companies.
  • Is there such a thing as blanket coverage over all my vehicles but I don’t list all my vehicles?
    That is a very rare policy. Blanket policies may not list vehicles but will base your rate on annual miles or revenue. The cost will generally be the same per vehicle or based on miles
  • Is it a good idea to move from company to company each year or stay with the same company?
    We do move customers to new companies when the price savings makes sense. Usually companies will give more grace when you have been with them a while and have claims. There needs to be a good balance between moving to a new company and being stable with one company for several years.
  • Why do insurance companies not like young drivers?
    Typically, drivers with more experience in commercial vehicles are better drivers. That’s not a rule but some companies will take younger drivers with no charge, while others will charge you for drivers with less experience. They base their decisions on statistics for young drivers and not your drivers personal experience.
  • Why does it take so long to get Certificates, ID Cards, Policy Changes, etc?
    We try to get those completed within 30 min of the request as we understand a delay can affect your business. Some requests may take longer but we will let you know if there will be a delay. Not all agents feel the same way so it varies from agent to agent.
  • Why does it take so long to get all my quotes to review?
    Unfortunately, this is our concern as well. Some companies can quote same day while others have a process they go through to review your account. They typically base it on your renewal date when they start to quote which can put us getting your quote very close to the renewal date. Not our preference but in order to get a good comparison of prices, we may not have all the quotes in a timely manner.
  • Why is my down payment so high?
    here are times we can offer low down payments but often it is based on your contracts and policy type. Some contracts require a 30 day notice of cancellation or a policy might have a 25% minimum cost which forces the insurance/finance company to cover that extra 30 days or 25% minimum within the down payment.


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